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A Good Problem to Have January 31, 2014

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I once heard a business owner say that having too much business is a good problem to have. Lately, I have encountered several situations where it is very difficult to secure a quote for services (particularly in the building/renovation trades). Not returning phone messages and leaving requests for quotes unattended in an e-mail box presents a poor image for the company, creating an instant sense of doubt in the consumer’s mind.


Leads to Customers

Today there are many  tactical articles written about ways to increase web site traffic, generate sales leads and make the phones ring. Perhaps a more urgent need would be helping business owners find proven response methods to convert estimate requests in-hand and also acquiring the human talent to meet existing market demand.

What lead conversion and staffing models work in your field?


A Guest Interview with Tina Roper August 1, 2011

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In today’s post I wanted to do something different, sharing some of the “behind the scenes” strategy and client interaction steps we employ at Wisdom Bridge Marketing.  The following interview with Tina Roper an expert web designer and internet strategist who recently worked with me on a client assignment provides a  perspective on creating “momentum” for web sites, enjoy.

 Tina Bower Roper

 Special Interview with Tina Roper Web Designer & Internet Marketer 

Tina as you know we recently completed the redesign of the website for Graceland Prairie Dental http://www.drbarrydds.com/   in Des Plaines Illinois. One of the unique differentiators of the practice is the sedation dentistry credentials that Dr. Joseph Barry, DDS holds. Knowing this was one of the key points the  client wanted to convey to the marketplace, how did you approach the website updates?

Dr. Barry had been a client previously at Wisdom Bridge Marketing, both for traditional marketing collateral and for a website presence. When he returned as a client just a few months ago, I was happy to hear of his expanding practice. The addition of new dentists and staff, change to the business name and the new sedation dentistry credentials conveyed to me a one word design concept: momentum.

But how do you translate a one word idea like “momentum” into an effective website update?

When Dr. Barry first became a client, he needed a professional yet basic presence. By “basic”, I don’t mean “plain”; no client wants to think that they are getting something ordinary just because they are just getting started on the internet. Rather, by “basic” I mean what was needed initially was to communicate services and contact information at a minimum. This was accomplished, as was a clean design that was friendly and inviting.

When a client returns for website updates, sometimes they want a complete design overhaul, sometimes they want a refresh. In the case of Dr. Barry’s return, he and his staff provided a clear outline for a refresh to announce the new practice name Graceland Prairie Dental. This included adding new content to the site: a new company logo (which was created as traditional marketing collateral, then translated an internet format and incorporated into the website design concept), new copy, promotional coupons and photos and bios for each of the staff members. The refresh achieved the “momentum” concept: a build-out of their website presence that increased the volume and – most importantly – the quality of information on their site.

Since the practice is also growing with the addition of Doctors Swanson and Cox, what was your goal to convey the practice expansion while maintaining the “small neighborhood friendliness” they deliver?

Any time a client decides to refresh their marketing collateral or update their website, they are subliminally telling existing and potential customers that they are paying attention and willing to change. In my opinion, there is nothing better that a neighborhood-based business can do than to show its willingness to grow and adapt as changes are occurring in the community around them. That flexibility can translate in to word-of-mouth referrals that can ripple far beyond the neighborhood. Leads are invaluable in any business, whether that business is transitioning through an expansion or not. Changes to your branding or messaging makes customers (and competitors) take notice. In today’s economy, you can’t afford to go unnoticed. Therefore, you can’t afford to have an outdated website.

By choosing not only to update their site, but also to add photos of real and friendly faces, Graceland Prairie Dentals says to their community “We’re approachable”. And let’s face it, everyone wants to feel comfortable when they go to the dentist’s office! Their strategy to use staff photos instead of stock photos was a good decision from a website design perspective. A business should take advantage of any and all opportunities to make themselves accessible to their customers. To do so builds rapport, and good rapport means happy customers that will return with their business in the future.

When you thought about site visibility and how to help the practice secure some favorable search positioning, what was the approach taken?

To be effective at building a website, a designer must go beyond coding metadata keywords behind the scenes. They have to also be skilled at ensuring quality content management. This means knowing how to present copy that is descriptive enough to get the point across, yet concise enough to get picked up by the search engines. Infusing keywords outside of the metatags and into the copy, page titles and descriptions is essential. This placement and balance is the skill of a seasoned website designer, and not a setup that just anyone can achieve in a WYSIWYG website editor. And because search engine crawl methods and keyword criteria are changing all the time, a good website moderator will be informed about those changes and know exactly how to flex with them to achieve the maximum results for their website clients. Know who you are hiring, and know that investing in someone who has those capabilities can mean return dividends to your business.

If you’d like to discuss momentum and visibility for your web site just drop me a note :