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Because I Can September 11, 2012

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Today we will hear accounts and remember the horrific and heroic events of 9/11/01. From my vantage point the greatest tribute we can muster is to stop the in-fighting and continue the positive healing of this great country.

From my own space here in America I’m going to do my part today to make things a little better- because I can.



Forget the lists-just focus January 1, 2012

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The past few days I’ve read numerous Twitter posts and some blog articles about the “top 5 or top 12” things you need to do for success in the New Year. Although these are informative I feel that real progress or “success” in 2012 will come from focus. I’m not even talking about a formal written plan, for me it will be about self-discipline and remaining focused on the things that will move my personal and business lives forward with a lean toward balance (the thing virtually all humans struggle with today).

If it helps here are some of the things on my agenda :

  • Balance– pressure often comes from within prioritizing work/personal tasks, dividing up the day in segments is what I plan to try. Working in some exercise, music, pleasure reading and family time is on the radar.
  • Doing the Work– scheduling  client assignments, meetings, writing tasks, phone calls, blog posts and other small business owner tasks even on days when I don’t feel like it.
  • Helping– waiting for the corporate hand puppets in D.C. or  the State government level to help make this world a better place is a fantasy. The elderly, developmentally challenged and veterans are largely disenfranchised and that needs to change. These are amongst the causes I plan to help in 2012.
  • Tuning negativity out– this includes much of the election year lunacy, divisiveness , lies and mud-slinging. I’ll tune in enough to be informed and then it’s off. This includes main stream news, “gloom and doom” market reports and pundits. People who want to moan and sap energy, the voicemail goes on; period. Sanity will come from interacting  with positive people that want to make a difference. Other diversions from the madness will include Sirius XM radio, my iPod and portable HD radio (a Christmas gift which is really nice).

Small business people have been hurt by Wall Street, State, County and local level governing bodies-they are clueless and don’t give a damn about you or your future. It’s time to build our own networks and move things ahead with self-reliance and old-fashioned grit.  Networking, referrals and opportunities through involvement are the key to success from my point of view.

Focus and self-help begins in 3,2,1…

Remembering Vets May 28, 2011

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VFW "Buddy Poppy"

This weekend the blog departs briefly from the world of marketing and all the noise in the media about big Memorial Day sales. It’s time to take a moment and reflect on the many good people who have served our country and paid the ultimate price. 

I also believe it’s time to honor the veterans in our lives that are here amongst the living. The men and women who served and received little or no fanfare when they came home in decades past. Each day in the news we read about the GOP trying to gut human aid programs and our veterans in need are often slighted as the nation continues to struggle with misaligned priorities. The very least we can do is say thank you, shake a hand or buy a poppy from a VFW vet instead of hurriedly walking by.

This weekend it’s about putting aside political viewpoint (at least briefly) and being thankful for the freedoms we enjoy and acknowledge those we need to remember.

Have a safe and peaceful Memorial Day weekend my friends.

Book Review- Drive-The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us January 26, 2011

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After listening to President Obama’s State of the Union speech yesterday evening  I started thinking about Dan Pink’s book on human drive and how relevant his thoughts are in regard to the President’s concerns about America’s competitiveness and future viability. This book offers a scientific point of view in regard to things that motivate human beings. Within the book he challenges us to rethink how we motivate our children, students and employees. He asks us to look within and determine what really moves or “drives” us beyond the basic motivators that sustain life.

This is not one of the many “toss out theory and walk away” books. Dan provides a very nice recap , some useful tools and web sites that build on the new “Motivation 3.0” concepts which leads us away from “carrot and sticking” for achievement.

If you are a teacher, parent, business professional or simply a human that is looking for new meaning in the 21st century world, this book is time well spent.

Happy Holidays-with gratitude December 24, 2010

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As we wind down another wacky year in business I wanted to take a few moments to write this note of Holiday gratitude to everyone who has read this blog,  said a kind word, talked-up the business, networked, sent a referral, stopped by the office to say “hey” or stuck with me as a loyal client, friend and supporter of Wisdom Bridge Marketing. 

Despite the challenges that 2010 brought all of us, the great news is we’re still here and living in this land of immense opportunity. It is also a time to reflect on those who have volunteered to serve our country and defend the right we have to walk the streets safely and manage our businesses without fear.

So, this year no sappy, tear jerker stories, Currier and Ives photos or silly snap shots from my gallery; just a note of sincere thanks and best wishes to you and your families for a great Holiday Season and a healthy and prosperous 2011.

With gratitude,


Honoring our family heroes May 30, 2010

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The great thing about blogs is they’re your space- so today the post is something completely non-marketing related. 

As I was driving alone in my American made car, quiet, unimpeded, listening to the satellite radio, I saw a VFW Vet selling poppies at the corner of Higgins and Cumberland (for those of you familiar with Chicago-a dangerous corner near the Kennedy Expressway). Then it struck me- this is freedom and here’s a guy (who had to be at least 80)  I should be thanking for this luxury-so I did.  Just a few bucks, but more importantly a from the heart thank you-he smiled and said “you’re welcome kid” I really like that part…

This weekend it’s not really about picnics, barbeques or Memorial Day weekend sales, it’s about the freedom we enjoy thanks to the sacrifices made by generations of veterans. The brave people who did what they had to do to preserve the liberties and freedoms that are often taken for granted here in the USA.

In my family two heroes come to mind; first my late father, Norm Macholl, Corporal US Army-Korean War 1950-53. In the “forgotten war” fought in South Korea 36,574 “in theater” deaths occurred. My dad was one of the lucky ones who made it home to lead his life after three years of unplanned service time. 

The other family vet was my late cousin, David Avers a great young guy that passed through my life from 1970-1996. Dave enlisted in the Marine Corps and proudly served in the first Gulf War during the early 1990’s. Upon his safe return home he landed his dream job, a member of the Chicago Police Department. His service training and tenacity made him a great cop-the kind that would put his life on the line to protect. An untimely traffic accident took his young life, but not before he gave more than some people do in an entire lifetime.

Just two examples of men who lived at different times, accepted their missions and helped get the job done. They didn’t expect parades or other honors, they “did what they had to do and headed home.”

As for myself and many men in my age bracket, we didn’t get the call. The Vietnam War was in the de-escalation mode by 1973 and “peacetime” was our way of life; insulating me and many of my friends from the life altering events previous generations have been drafted and required to experience.  I’ve enjoyed a good life so far, no lost family time or vanquished earning years in the military. Good fortune because of the foundation laid by men and women who fought two world wars and UN “police actions” since the beginning of the twentieth century.

Tomorrow I’ll hang the flag on the front porch, probably get the back yard plants in and maybe enjoy the sunny day doing something, I have choices-freedom, for which I am quite thankful.

If you see a veteran tomorrow or anytime for that matter, say thanks, they deserve it.