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Planning for 2015- Starts Now July 28, 2014

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A client new to the marketing field recently asked me when to begin planning for next year’s integrated marketing activity. Typically I advise clients to begin serious work in August/September of each year.

Depending upon whether an organization works from a calendar or fiscal year will impact this rule of thumb, however, late summer, early fall is a good time to begin work.

While facilitating marketing planning sessions, these are some of the key areas I cover:

  • Results– what has worked this year?  What have we learned?
  • Research– what are the clients saying? Are you providing answers to their “pain points”? Is there something new they desire?
  • Social for the sake of being social– is there a distinct strategy behind your Marketing and strategysocial media or are we doing this because everyone else is?
  • Objectives where are we at year-to-date? Where can we realistically aspire to be? (This is the tough conversation that requires “looking in the mirror” and resource allocation.)

Of course there are many more finite areas we cover in a planning session, but these are the non-negotiable items from my vantage point.

Another issue that leaders often fail to cover is accountability and “policing” the plan. Have you established clear responsibility centers? Which individual(s) are responsible to maintain the marketing calendar and help everyone stick to the plan?

As we all enjoy what remains of the fast-moving summer (here in the midwest anyway), August is often a great time to organize a planning session. And hey, you can meet outside, no one said we can’t catch a few rays while getting the work done…

If you have any questions on marketing planning or facilitating your strategic planning meeting, please feel free to contact me at jmacholl@wisdombridgemarketing.com or on my Skype line (847) 305-1594.

Enjoy the day.




“Old -Fashioned” Interactive Marketing July 5, 2011

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Old-fashioned Interaction

While attending Summerfest, the wonderful music festival staged on Milwaukee’s Lake Michigan shoreline, I happened upon a Dyson tent where they were demonstrating their new Air Multiplier bladeless fans. The displays were arranged so there was constant eye-catching movement, action including a beach ball being propelled from fan to fan without harm.

What struck me was the “old-fashioned” product demonstration and genuine interaction between the Dyson event staff and the fest attendees. When we talk about Interactive Marketing in today’s terminology, we’re of course referring to the exchange of information (usually online-but not always) about a customer’s preferences, comments or past purchases and sharing relevant  product information and hopefully achieving a brand connection.

Without a doubt online, database driven marketing communications tools are brilliant solutions for connecting people and establishing meaningful relationships; but when you are demonstrating a breakthrough product a little hands -on product interaction never hurts.

How are you interacting with clients or prospects? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Free Samples in the Digital Age March 23, 2011

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While walking through Chicago’s Ogilvy Transportation Center (or Northwestern Station as true Chicagoans call it), I took note of a high-tech display housing a marketing event in the main concourse. As it turns out, Nintendo staged this to promote their new 3D video game system.  Event staff all wore white athletic suits

Digital age "free samples"

with the brand name on the back and front pocket area. The people working the display likely were theater or communications types outgoing, readily interacting with commuters; many who were not shy about stopping by the display to try out the game.

“Try before you buy” sampling, digital age style.

When Brands Fly May 3, 2010

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P&G World HQ Cincinnati, Ohio USA


Arty flying pig

I had the opportunity to take part in all the festivities surrounding the Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati, Ohio this past weekend. For those of you who might not know it, Cinci is the home to Procter and Gamble one of the world’s most amazing brand powerhouses and a major sponsor of this brilliant running event.    

The event hall (packet pick up) staged at the Duke Energy Convention Center had numerous powerful brands represented  by some very nice professionals and a cadre of volunteers that made this a happening. Interaction with people, music/photography, free product samples, donations to local and national charities doing incredible works -this is what brings brands to “life.”  Clearly there was much activity “flying” around Cincinnati and Kentucky (the marathon overlapped across the state border) and I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention my wife Mary did the half marathon in a speedy 2:34-quite impressive considering the monsoon rains that lingered in southwest Ohio this past weekend.    

Upbeat events and the brands that have the foresight and strength to support them are to be commended for investing in these challenging times.  What will you do to connect your brand with people today?    

Jack in the shadows of a BIG brand


Mary Rooney- Half Marathon 2:34