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Face to Face- Priceless February 26, 2014

Posted by Jack Macholl in Communications, Customer Service, Internal communications, Referral marketing, Sales.

We hear a great deal about the magic of a ‘Tweet” 140 characters to deliver a message.  Others say that Skype calls eliminate the need for travel and the lost time/expense associate with in-person meetings. This technology is great, it has its place, but there are still moments, projects, and situations that require a hand shake, eye-to-eye interaction, hand drawn diagrams -a human connection.

During the past few months I’ve encountered a few situations where a 15-minute meeting unwinds all the misunderstandings and fatigue caused by an e-mail trail. Sometimes reconnecting on a human level resets a relationship, energizes it, gets things back on-track. This can work internally or with external communications, both are very important, yet unique, and should be handled with due care.

Like most things in life, communications too comes full-circle.  Face to face may be making a comeback, to me, that’s priceless.

What’s your face to face success story? I’d love to hear from you.

Enjoy the day.


It’s OK to Celebrate at Work September 7, 2012

Posted by Jack Macholl in Communications, Internal communications, Marketing Planning, Uncategorized.

People celebrating in-person, old school

In recent years internal communication has become a more prominent issue, particularly as people can now work from virtually anywhere with cloud computing and lightning fast electronics. Today it is critical to look at  expenses, leverage time and seek efficiency at every turn. We use Web-X, newsletters, text, e-mail, Skype, Google hangouts all seeking quick impact with minimal outlay.

The thing to consider is human celebration. Many projects have enormous scope and require months and in some cases years of intense human interaction to achieve milestones. One thing we appear to have lost in the fast track 21st century world is stepping back and taking time to acknowledge or celebrate accomplishments with colleagues and vendors. Yes, spending time in-person is time-consuming and has a cost, but consider the upside or “benefit” of learning more about one another, sharing some experiences or simply just unwinding and having a few laughs.

What are you doing to celebrate victories at work?   Let’s talk about what’s working.