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A Good Problem to Have January 31, 2014

Posted by Jack Macholl in Brand building, Brand personality, Branding, Image, Marketing, Marketing Planning, Sales, Site visibility, Uncategorized.

I once heard a business owner say that having too much business is a good problem to have. Lately, I have encountered several situations where it is very difficult to secure a quote for services (particularly in the building/renovation trades). Not returning phone messages and leaving requests for quotes unattended in an e-mail box presents a poor image for the company, creating an instant sense of doubt in the consumer’s mind.


Leads to Customers

Today there are many  tactical articles written about ways to increase web site traffic, generate sales leads and make the phones ring. Perhaps a more urgent need would be helping business owners find proven response methods to convert estimate requests in-hand and also acquiring the human talent to meet existing market demand.

What lead conversion and staffing models work in your field?



1. Russ Lutz - February 2, 2014

Small business owners may feel they cannot afford to hire a staff member or two whose main responsibilities are keeping the behind the scenes infra-structure in top working order. Their value may not be able to be linked to direct sales/revenue coming into the company, however, their value is preventing the loss of potential revenues, i.e. missed sales requests. While it is difficult to document how much revenue is lost due to missed opportunities, it is mandatory for the company’s branding and future long term growth and existence to have a dependable and reliable administrative function in place. The key is clear and defined roles and responsibilities for the staff to perform at an optimal level.

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