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The art of Re-purposing September 5, 2012

Posted by Jack Macholl in Uncategorized.
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While working on some recent client assignments I have been able to take many useful “copy gems” and re-purpose them to other communication vehicles. For instance, you may have written a wonderful story about a customer or donor for your organization’s annual report. Why not extract highlights and turn that text into a newsletter article or web site content?

Many organizations are now taking copy snippets combined with a tiny URL and using a 140 character Twitter message as a lure for readers to click the URL and read the long form article at a web site or Facebook page.

Of course, like anything, this technique can be taken to extremes and people get weary of the same verbiage or images- hence the challenge of balance or as they used to say in the old days- “not wearing out the press plates.”

Those are today’s musings. Please feel free to add to weigh-in and share your thoughts on what works for you.



1. Michael Harris - September 5, 2012

In the “real world” of marketing communications, integrated messaging — as a practical matter — often means re-purposing copy. Besides, it’d be a shame to limit a perfectly crafted sentence or well-turned phrase.

Jack Macholl - September 5, 2012

True tossing out perfectly good copy after one use doesn’t feel right.

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