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Connecting with “My Local Guys” April 18, 2012

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A quick tip of the hat to Chris Brogan as the idea spark for today’s post. In February Chris did a post on his blog about on-line purchasing and the need for local (human) service. In recent years more people are purchasing cars Image

on-line which works very well and has become part of “the norm.”

Fast forward to the day when your iPod and Ford Synch are no longer on friendly terms and the Synch chat room assistant says “reset the system” only to find your iPhone no longer works and must be reconnected. Enter Scott a real-live human being at Napelton Lincoln Mercury in Park Ridge Illinois (the local dealer where I purchased my car). With calm resolve and a few clicks on the dashboard and iPhone, synchronized, back in business.

I’d say there has to be a way to connect “local guys” real people with the useful online tools we have before us.  I don’t know about you but burning time on technology glitches is a major irritant with me.

Brick and mortar may be fading, but in the interim “reality” served a big, time-saving purpose in my day.

Now it’s your turn- please weigh-in when you can.



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