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Creativity- on the fly April 1, 2012

Posted by Jack Macholl in Brand personality, Communications, Customer Service.

While walking past a park in my Chicago neighborhood there were a group of 8-9 year old boys on the swings. Nothing unusual until another boy suggested playing “wood chips” – they had me, my curiosity got the best of me-had to look. In essence “wood chips” consists of the kids who didn’t have a swing  throwing wood chips at the moving kids who did.  Juvenile-check, likely an E.R. visit waiting to happen-check.

As I walked away with some memories of my own silly childhood spent in Chicago Public parks, it made me wonder at what age do people stop creating on the fly- or at all for that matter? Kids make up games, songs or dream up superheroes in their minds. The future of this country will require a great deal of creativity to keep it on the global radar. How do we encourage “creativity on the fly?”



1. Jenna - April 3, 2012

Do you know what I think hampers creativity? The constant pressures we get throughout school to conform to the norm, be logical and follow policies and procedures as delegated to us by leadership (aka parents, teachers, government et.al.). When you’re taught to be a follower I think it drowns the creativity that is innate to most children. It’s the ones who make the decision to be their own leaders, think outside of the box, question traditional thinking and set their own rules who often follow the road less traveled or go where there is no path and blaze the trail.

Jack Macholl - April 4, 2012

Previous generations created the “follower” culture which no longer works. Things are changing and there is now a chance for creatives to foster future generations of free thinkers. I believe that is the key to success here in America. Thanks for weighing-in Jenna.

2. Don Levey - April 2, 2012

Keep your dreams alive and make people happy.

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