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The Season of Helping November 25, 2011

Posted by Jack Macholl in Uncategorized.

A cab driver told me a story a few days back that I’ve been mulling around in my mind for a while now. It was about a 90+ year old man he picked up and drove to a cemetery to visit his late wife. After a few moments of reflection the cabbie drove him to CVS Pharmacy and another stop to make a photocopy of a document. All told these errands cost just south of $60 in cab fare.  We talked about getting older and becoming dependent on people as our generation will likely outlive that of our parents by many years. Outliving your money is a legitimate concern, one that will mushroom as “boomers” retire in the next decade.

Over the past few days media reports have been fixated on “Black Friday” and all the retail speculation about the “season of giving” ahead. I’ve decided to start a mini online crusade of my own- the Season of Helping. It can be anything; offering an elderly person a ride to the store, changing a light bulb for someone too weary or unable to climb the step-ladder, help with confusing Homestead Exemption Act forms, raking leaves- anything helpful.

There is so much divisiveness and fixation on the material in the today’s world; we need some positive thinking and old-fashioned helping to get things turned around.

What do you say? Who’s in?



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