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Book Review- Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain September 24, 2011

Posted by Jack Macholl in Book Review, Sales.

I just finished reading Ryan Blair’s new book Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain written with author Don Yaeger. This book is a must-read for anyone thinking about starting a company or those in the early stages of forging their own independent venture.

The eighth chapter called “First Things First” really resonated with me for many reasons. First he recounts a story very similar to a work experience I had with a boss early in my corporate career the frantic run into the bosses’ office with a “monumental problem” only to be turned away with “that’s the problem, but what’s the solution?” (Although my boss said it in much less politically correct terms used in office settings of the 1980’s). That lesson has remained with me until this day deliver solutions, not problems.

It also made me think about many people I meet in my consulting and academic worlds people unwilling to do the analysis or “the math” as Ryan calls it; they simply freeze up or complain. Making an effort to solve a problem with minimal emotion is really the secret that he points out and it’s advice that’s right on target.

Mr. Blair’s book is not meant to be a rags to riches “tear jerker”, but more an introspective look into the mind of a young man whose gang affiliated teenage years landed him in a lonely place-jail. He was in the valley of right and wrong and elected to pull himself up, have faith, do the work and approach each venture as if he had nothing to lose and everything to gain.

He is right about success being a choice and finding the mentors to help you get there. Why not get a copy and read it, after all what have you got to lose?

For more information on this amazing young man visit;




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