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Book Review- Real-Time Marketing & PR June 16, 2011

Posted by Jack Macholl in Book Review, Brand personality, Communications, Marketing Planning.

I think it took me less than 5-minutes and this book by David Meerman Scott had me locked-in. The author provides many examples and a great deal of practical advice on the importance of being engaged in real-time communication. The speed at which information and consumer opinion travels in the “always-on” world is reason enough to look at your marketing/PR operation and determine how you’ll respond to opportunities and threats.

In the book’s appendix David provides a “real-time speed analysis” of Fortune 100 companies and how quickly they responded to a question for an article he was preparing. An astounding 61% did not respond to his inquiry! He also shares the variety of responses (many are downright comical) and how far companies really need to go before they are truly in synch with a real-time mindset.

This book is a valuable resource for any business owner or marketing/PR professional, well worth your time.



1. Jason Sokol - June 18, 2011

Nice review Jack. I will have to move this one to the top of my reading pile. I love David’s writing. Have you read any of his other books?


Jack Macholl - June 18, 2011

Thanks Jason. Yes, I read Marketing Secrets Fron the Grateful Dead which was also very good. Hope the world is treating you well sir.

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