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Scrub before you send March 10, 2011

Posted by Jack Macholl in Bank marketing, Brand personality, Communications, Corporate Social Responsibility, Environment, Marketing, ROI.

Truly the world moves at a frenetic pace and the pressure to compete for share of wallet is intense. Each week people in marketing get e-blasts, articles, magazines packed with the latest real-time data management techniques all better, faster ways to get your offer in front of viable prospects.

In my mailbox at home I received a nice direct mail package asking me why I’d settle for “boring old cable” when I can get AT&T U-verse. Well, I don’t have to, because I’ve been purchasing U-verse since late 2008. I get at least 3-4  AT&T mail packets per year with a variety of offers (this one was $300 back in promotional gift cards) if I make the switch.

This is basic 1988 database management; scrub your list of existing clients BEFORE you send. Nothing super high-tech or real-time, just merge/purge. The credibility of your brand will be enhanced, not to mention large savings on production, natural resources and increasingly expensive postage.



1. Megan Larson - March 10, 2011

I can’t tell you how frustrated this makes me. Way to make a customer feel insignificant! It’s really bad when they can’t even tell you are a customer. What also drives me crazy are the brands (often credit cards) who bombard me with direct mail for offers that don’t apply to me and then I see that my husband received an identical offer resulting in 2 things to shred.

Jack Macholl - March 10, 2011

Agree, Citibank sends credit card solicitations for an American Airlines mileage card that I’ve been carrying for years now. Hopefully we can all at least recycle the paper and make something good happen from all the unecessary mail.

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