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Covering the basics- if you must DIY March 2, 2011

Posted by Jack Macholl in Brand building, Brand personality, Branding, Communications, ROI, Sales.

As a marketing consultant I’ve grown used to seeing many business owners taking a do-it-yourself approach to advertising. The advent of low-cost desktop design technology and ready access to digital printing has created a

Segment of a mailer with typos and grammar errors

“money-saving” DIY trend.

Yesterday I received a promotional mailer from a Chicago area printer that will remain nameless in this post. The piece listed their capabilities, longevity and work ethic as they attempted to differentiate themselves amongst the other printers who seek the attention of independent agencies. What made this mailer different were some glaring grammatical errors and typos. I know how this feels when you have that one “oh-no!” moment when a word is misspelled, but this piece had many errors.

As Victor Schwab the author of the classic 1961 book How To Write A Good Advertisement once wrote, ” for advertising is nothing but an expense (not an investment) unless it gets the kind of action desired by the advertiser.” 

In this case a the money saved was nil and the damage to their brand credibility is difficult to manage. The take away, if you must bypass the professionals use the spell checker and have a detached third-party read your work before putting it on-press.



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