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Patience test- Customer Service 21st Century Style? February 21, 2011

Posted by Jack Macholl in Brand personality, Customer Service, Image.

Ordering a pizza from one of the chain establishments that says they are improving turned out to be an exercise in patience for me. First the disclaimer… most of you that know me claim I’m an affable guy, fairly easy to please and fun-loving. OK, now on to the story…

First step-the order, got a pleasant young lady on the phone who took the order and then had to put me on hold to see if they deliver to my house, about two miles away. Then came a phone call to my cell phone from the store asking for a main intersection near my home. After explicit directions over the phone, two more phone calls from the befuddled driver who literally drove right past my house while I waved from the front porch!

One would think with Mapquest, Google Maps. GPS and even a good old Rand McNally map for goodness sake would have been desirable alternatives to phoning the customer three times within the course of an hour.

Nevertheless, the story ends happily, with a reasonably warm pizza arriving in a slightly soggy cardboard box (no cheese stuck to the lid).

I would like to suggest an addendum to all franchise manuals regarding resourcefulness;  seeking answers to questions within the operation before an employee reaches out to the customer I’m just saying.



1. Audrey - February 22, 2011

And the question that remains…did you still tip the guy?

Jack Macholl - February 22, 2011

Yes I did Audrey…

2. Jason Sokol - February 21, 2011


Nice post. It is odd to think that in today’s world stuff like this still happens. I had a similar problem while trying to place an order for a laptop bag a few weeks ago. The company called me three times to let me know that various parts/accessories that I had ordered along with the bag were on backorder or out of stock. Problem was that their site did not indicate that all of these parts were not available. All of this led to an extra week to get the bag.

Keep up the great work,


3. Marie - February 21, 2011

Wow Jack! Amazing that they stay in business isn’t it?!?!?!? Glad you at least got your pizza!

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