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The passing of the neighborhood newspaper December 26, 2010

Posted by Jack Macholl in Communications, Corporate Social Responsibility, Environment, Recycling.

Local Paper R.I.P.

This past Thursday (December 23rd) I received my last edition of the Edison/Norwood Times Review. Since the 1930’s this newspaper has provided residents with local  news and event information. We’ll miss the community calendar, police blotter and the occasional “local kid made good” story.

No doubt this is a sign of the times. Not only a cost cutting move by the Chicago Sun-Times (parent owner), but also a response to declining newspaper readership here in the Internet /PDA age.
From an environmental perspective many trees will be saved and that’s a good thing. On the human side, jobs will be eliminated (not so good), and the local publicity vehicle for many non-profits and school groups drifts to oblivion.
We’re now on our own to secure local news and event information. Gone is the tabloid sized package of neighborhood news, fun facts and merchant advertisements.   News as we know it today is at our fingertips, but will we take the time to seek it out?


1. M.Waqas - December 27, 2010

Nice.. Thankyou very much..

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