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Art in the Window December 10, 2010

Posted by Jack Macholl in Brand building, Brand personality, Branding, Image, Marketing, Signs, Uncategorized.

Hand painted Santa

Living in an older part of Chicago we still have many “all purpose” restaurants,  24/7 operations serving up everything from matzo ball soup to gyros. The other day while having lunch I noted the old-world , hand painted Santa faces, holly/mistletoe, silver bells and other holiday icons.  Seeing the work of a human hand (free hand painting) in this era of Photoshop and digital imagery was refreshing. Another customer actually remarked about the window decorations, asking who does them. The manager shrugged and said “this guy who comes around every year and paints them.” 

I for one have always admired people who have artistic ability-even simple window painting has become a lost art; overshadowed by vinyl “clings” and other digitally produced outputs. This type of “added touch” really helps to humanize or provide a certain home town, local business feel that has disappeared in recent years. So here’s to “the guy who paints windows” – whoever you are – this small contribution to the local brand with your art is still important.



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