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Places for “best thinking” November 20, 2010

Posted by Jack Macholl in Communications, Marketing Planning, Uncategorized.

I’ve been asked a few times “where did you come up with that idea?”

Today we are all inundated with messages and distractions. Being connected to the “grid” is becoming so intrusive that quality thinking time is becoming next to impossible unless you plan for it.

My best thinking often happens on airplanes. Shutting down the PDA, laptop and diving in to the latest book or just entering thoughts in my paper journal. Nothing sophisticated, low-tech “thinking time” often sparks thoughts for blog posts, creative endeavors or just catching up on things I need to do in life.

Sometimes the early morning hours are great too. If you are a coffee person like me, fire up the pot and settle in with the to-do list or writing assignment for the day.

Wherever your thinking spot is taking time off the grid to let thoughts flow through your mind is essential for quality work.

Where is your “best thinking spot” I’d love to hear from you.

Thinking on an airplane



1. Don Levey - November 22, 2010

I believe that everything is connected, and for me to reach the level where my ideas flow at light speed is to get subjective. What works best is get into an ‘action’ that I can flow with, like setting lights up in my studio. It’s like a chef that adds a little here, a little there, just because it feels right. When I’m flying in the zone of “cruise control” lighting my ideas start to connect with various rare percentages of previously incubated thoughts from who knows when and where.

It can be a ‘non-action’ spot as well. Going from a place of resolve (the final idea) to the starting point of my thoughts. That’s right, in reverse. Envisioning the outcome before it materializes. Preconceiving to a point. the final outcome from previous life experiences. It’s going back to that connectivity thing for me. Similar as working a maze puzzle from the end spot out to the beginning…try that sometime. There’s an overall scanning of the situation that occurs along with a simultaneous pinpoint focus of where the maze-goer should travel. Problem solved.

Quiet/solitude does help, but if that not a readily available commodity, I open and close my eyes for a blink, therefore I create a new “scene” as if viewing a “play”.

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