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Branding- Has Mediocrity Become the new “Good?” September 30, 2010

Posted by Jack Macholl in Brand personality, Branding, Communications, Environment, Signs.

Let me lead off with this observation; I realize money is still tight, every business owner has been feeling the heat from lost revenue and capital pressures have been intense for over two-years now. That said, it still seems important to note that many businesses are really losing brand momentum by doing virtually nothing to protect their image.   

 Like it or not, people often make first impression decisions based on appearance. What does your brand look like, “feel like?” Sometimes it’s the “little things” like changing your letterhead paper stock to a lesser grade-saving $50 or putting stickers on business cards because it’s cheaper and “good enough.”  Other impressions can include things that just involve a little elbow grease such as washing the windows on your shop, painting a weather-beaten sign stanchion,taking down tattered banners or fixing the cracks in the asphalt parking lot .   

The “look and feel” of your brand should matter. Costs are critical to manage but where does the line get drawn before any momentum left becomes a backward slide?  Worse yet, what will it cost to climb back “uphill” after the recovery?   

The Little Things -Avoiding Mediocrity



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