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Do you ask for referrals? June 17, 2010

Posted by Jack Macholl in Marketing, Referral marketing.


While reading The Referral Engine, a new book by John Jantsch I wondered how many businesses take time to coach employees on proper ways to ask for and nurture referral business opportunities?

In the book John encourages us to determine the “ideal client” and the characteristics they have. Once you complete that client profile, finding an organized, formal approach to educating your employees/sales staff on what to look for and an organized (trust building) process (not just hopping on the phone and asking for the business).

Additionally, many small, transaction oriented businesses may want to create simple referral cards; seeking support from loyal customers, asking them to help promote what you offer. You can provide referral sources discounts or free product in exchange for their word-of-mouth recommendations. This may involve some tracking of results, however, its likely the dividend (increased traffic for retailers) will be substantial if you try.

Are you ready to get your referral engine started?  The web link above will take you to The Referral Engine book site, where the author has generously provided several very useful tools that can help energize your thoughts in this area.

If you have a program that is working, please weigh-in on this post. There are many businesses out there that can surely use some ideas from the great minds in the network.



1. Tim Barry - June 18, 2010


Good message. This is how small businesses grow. It’s word of mouth referrals and your reputation. That’s all you’ve got. Great article.

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