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Great post from Seth Godin April 17, 2010

Posted by Jack Macholl in Uncategorized.


Today’s blog post from Seth Godin really resonated with me for many reasons. This week I made a conscious decision to reduce the amount of e-mail I’m willing to accept (this includes Linked-In discussions, industry newsletters/daily updates, etc.) There comes a point of diminishing return from the time spent on all the “five essential tips”, hourly motivational quotes and grousing about the shortcomings of an iPad. I found that the glut of e-mail was making me less productive and affecting my mood, so clicking the “unsubscribe”  or “edit my subscription” buttons and a few minutes of work has freed up mental space for work that matters.



1. Denise Netzel - April 17, 2010

You can get some very good advise and reading materials to use in your line of work.

2. Denise Netzel - April 17, 2010

This sounds very interesting and I decided to subscribe.

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