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Over Deliver- and people talk March 20, 2010

Posted by Jack Macholl in Communications.

There is much worry amongst business owners today about blogs and their ability to control/respond to comments about their firms on Twitter, Yelp and other social sites. Here’s some food for thought-people still speak with one another. Woah-there’s a concept- word-of-mouth is still happening even in the frenetic, high-tech world we share.

Here’s an example- this morning I took my car to Napelton Lincoln-Mercury napletonpr.com/ for routine service, post winter (wishful thinking) inspection. My service manager Bob, phoned while I read at Einstein Brothers Bagels to let me know the car was ready-washed, nice and clean-and good to go one hour ahead of promised delivery time. After many good experiences from the sale with Don Marqaurdt (one of the nicest people on the planet) to today’s service visit, I am continually impressed by the pride and customer care these people display in a very tough business.

I now routinely refer people to this dealership, in conversation, the “old-world” way. Sharing product reviews and experiences with friends and colleagues. True, you should monitor and  respond to what is being said about your brand online (and often some good feedback can result). Getting mired in the online worries is ill-advised, as people still talk-so what do you want them to say about your product or service?

Today-can you ask yourself how did my company over-deliver and delight the customer?



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