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Using the “old” “new technology” February 26, 2010

Posted by Jack Macholl in Marketing Planning, Uncategorized.

It’s amusing to me how the new, edgy social media trends have received full, front and center attention- books, blogs, videos on You-Tube, etc.  In the world of common sense marketing I spend time with many clients just connecting the dots in their marketing efforts.  In recent years there have been dozens of untapped “house” databases, a virtual goldmine of information to build targeted campaigns around.  The argument about “e-mail being dead” is also sort of funny, as many businesses are just now trying out commercial e-mail “blast” programs like Constant Contact or Mail Chimp for the first time in 2010. So the “old new” technology like e-mail are being discovered by businesses trying to build some momentum and market cost effectively during the economic recovery.  Now maybe I’m “old school” or simply an anomaly, but most days I start off by drinking coffee and checking (you guessed it-e-mail). If I have time, Twitter and Linked-In get some attention, but e-mail is still relevant and necessary.  If used in conjunction with your “house” or client data this is a powerful tool. In fact if you carefully plan a mailbox management strategy including a determination of what your clients would find helpful, then an e-newsletter can be the gateway to your website or social posts.

Planned well the “old-new” technology can help you post some impressive returns on marketing investment.  The link will take you to an article from 2008 which covers this topic in greater depth-enjoy!      http://www.wisdombridgemarketing.com/Articles/Articles0504.htm



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